Learn your Āyurvedic Body Type to customize your approach to Health

Know your Āyurvedic constitution to determine what works for you.


This Āyurvedic body type quiz helps determine your Āyurvedic constitution. Quiz results explain what’s healthy for you. Everyone is different.


Discover how your constitution affects your health and your relationships.


Take the Āyurvedic body type quiz and learn how to nurture yourself right.


We are each born with a unique ratio of the Āyurvedic doshas – vata, pitta and kapha. This make-up informs your personality, characteristics, physical traits and tendencies towards disease.

This is called your prakrti or prakriti (not your dosha). You can think of it as your baseline state of health. It’s your goalpost, but it’s always fixed.

Doshas, on the other hand, perform the various functions of the body.

Your prakriti is a framework from which you can understand your tendencies towards ill health. It’s also a way of understanding how to build health by looking at your natural strengths and your inherent weaknesses. This is your body type or constitution.



Knowing your Āyurvedic Body Type can help you understand your unique needs and improve your experience of life.


Answer the following questions according to how you feel throughout most of your life. 

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Body Type Quiz


Āyurveda is based on the five elements of nature. Those five elements exist around you and within you.


Biologically, the elements are organized into doshas and perform all of the functions of the body when healthy.

When in a state of excess or deficiency, those doshas create symptoms of disease.


Returning to health starts with an Āyurvedic consultation.

Once your intake is completed, we set you on a 5-Phase Protocol to detox toxins, stabilize your metabolic power, purify the tissues, purge excess dosha and restore / rejuvenate the body.


Āyurveda utilizes natural methods like Āyurvedic formulations, body therapies, and specific dietary adjustments, to restore health. We take a thorough audit of your health history and current daily routine to determine what’s working and what’s not working for you.

While a body type quiz can reveal great insight into your life, it’s not a substitute for a consultation.

Schedule a free consultation to determine if Ayurveda is right for you and if so, what steps would be needed to improve your health.

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