Women's Health with Āyurveda

“Jennifer’s knowledge of Ayurveda provides a significant measure of support for a health management plan. She’s thoughtful, encouraging, and her advice has real potential for impacting health outcomes.”
– Remy Coeytaux, M.D., Ph.D.

Get back to taking on the world.

After a few scary panic attacks in her 20’s, Āyurvedic treatments and remedies like these restored Jennifer to better health.

No longer overcome with intense episodes of anxiety, Jennifer went to work in the field of Āyurveda for nine years. She studied Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine, the highest standard of Āyurvedic care, so she could effectively share the healing power of Āyurveda with others.  

Advice you can utilize throughout your life, guaranteed.

Your work with Jennifer is personalized to your unique state of health. Together, you and Jennifer will attempt to meet your current health goals with the systematic, step-by-step approach of Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine. This is a holistic approach that utilizes Āyurved formulations or ‘medicines’ along with diet and lifestyle changes, often temporary. You’ll learn health tips you can utilize throughout your life and get personal and group support to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle.

Āyurveda requires you to be an active participant in your health. Making changes can be challenging, but with Jennifer’s guidance and a bit of willingness, you can make the changes that create homeostasis within.

In Āyurveda, the quality and strength of your digestion is a key component to your health. It informs your strength, complexion, vitality, energy, happiness and more.

At your Free Consultation, Jennifer will listen to your situation and then explain the ways in which Āyurveda can help. If Jennifer’s expertise is not well suited to your current state of health, she will be happy to refer you to another practitioner or modality.

The Highest Standards in Āyurveda

Chattanooga Āyurveda is the only provider of Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) in Chattanooga, TN and north Georgia. TAM follows the principles of Āyurveda as they are outlined in the ancient Āyurvedic texts to reestablish proper functioning of the body. TAM is unlike most Āyurveda available in the West.

Āyurveda is a complete medical system. It can help with a variety of conditions including the following.

Chronic constipation
Digestive health
Joint pain
Mental health conditions
Pregnancy health
Skin conditions
Weight gain and loss

Jennifer’s clients are a diverse group of women seeking alternatives to Western approaches to care, empowerment with knowledge of health, and depth of understanding that comes from ancient traditions.

Working with Jennifer will address core aspects of your health.

Weight loss
Weight gain
Muscle development
Seasonal health concerns
Diet and lifestyle management

Our goal is to create a solid foundation of healthy habits, aligned with your personal health needs. We provide you with natural and holistic methods to reestablish normalcy.

When you work with Jennifer, you will receive an Āyurvedic Care Plan.

That plan includes some combination of the following, depending on your needs.

Appropriate Foods

Suitable Drinks

Seasonal Support

Sleep Hygiene

Digestion Protocols

Elimination Review

Daily Routines

Health Guidelines

Supportive Activities

Remedies Lists

Care Plans are personalized for you, based on all of the factors that influence your health.

“You can’t put just anything in your mouth and expect good health. Good health needs the right foods, beverages and activities.” – Jennifer Maklan, ĀP

Jennifer Maklan, ĀP

Holistic Health Practitioner

“I help busy, overworked professionals improve their digestion, metabolism and sleep, so they can feel great and work productively.”

Book a free, 30-minute consultation to learn if Āyurveda can help you.


“Jennifer’s knowledge of Ayurveda provides a significant measure of support to a health management plan. She’s thoughtful, encouraging and her advice has real potential for impacting health outcomes.”

Remy Coeutaux, M.D., Ph.D.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Āyurveda?

Āyurveda is India's traditional medical system. It is a holistic approach that uses temporary dietary adjustments, lifestyle recommendations, therapeutic treatments and cleanses to restore health. It is also preventative in nature.

Health is not something that you achieve and then you're done. It must be cultivated and created each day. Āyurveda offers a wealth of sound knowledge to maintain health throughout every season and every stage of life.

I've tried changing my diet and lifestyle and it didn't work. How is Āyurveda different?

Āyurveda is a complete medical system. Āyurvedic formulations or "medicines" are selected for you based on your state of health. Formulations along with appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle ensure that you get back to your natural state of health and are able to maintain it. Improved health cannot happen without changing your diet and lifestyle.

Why should Āyurveda be part of corporate worksite wellness programs?

Āyurveda is preventative in nature and provides sound health advice for various seasons, climates and people. It is easily customized for various groups of individuals. Unlike Western nutrition and health paradigms, Āyurveda is an entire system of knowledge that addresses all aspects of life, from the environmental and social, to the physical and spiritual. It is well suited for corporations interested in educating employees on the principles of good health.

Is Āyurveda a licensed profession?

Āyurveda is not a licensed profession in the U.S. That being said, when selecting an Āyurvedic Practitioner, it's important to choose someone that is practicing classical Āyurveda. Classical Āyurveda adheres to the framework as it is taught and practiced in India.

Jennifer Maklan, ĀP, practices classical Āyurveda and has trained in programs that exceed typical educational standards for Āyurveda in the U.S.

How is Āyurveda practiced online? Isn't pulse assessment needed?

Āyurveda is quite conducive to online practice. In classical Āyurvedic assessment, questioning and visual clues provide a wealth of information. Pulse assessment is actually a somewhat modern addition to classical assessment methods. It is not a necessary component for a quality assessment. 

How is Āyurveda different than other holistic healing methods?

Āyurveda is time-tested. It's speculated to be thousands of years old and probably the oldest health system known to man. Though much has changed, the classical practice of Āyurveda holds to the time-tested methods that existed thousands of years ago.

Unlike other modern approaches to holistic medicine, Āyurveda utilizes a detailed framework for the measurement, assessment and management of health. It is an extensive practice that is studied rigorously and is effective when applied with precision.

Unlike Western approaches to care, Āyurveda is personalized to each individual. Your day, diet, health history and so much more are taken into consideration to create your Care Plan.


What if I don't see results?

Sometimes results can be seen immediately and sometimes results can be subtle but nevertheless impactful.

If you're not seeing results, it's important to speak up. This is helpful information and may indicate that the wrong remedy was selected for you. Don't hesitate to communicate your experience so we can ensure you are on the right track.