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In Āyurveda, your body type or nature informs the ways in which you should be nurtured. Everyone is different.


In Āyurvedic clinical practice, the focus of the consultations is much more subtle with the goal of reestablishing proper functioning of the body. Knowing your type can be helpful in generating acceptance of your strengths and challenges. Your body type certainly affects your health and your relationships. 


Learn  your body type or constitution and get a new perspective on your life.



Your Āyurvedic Body Type is a unique blueprint of your physical, social and natural tendencies. Knowing your Body Type can help you understand your unique needs and improve your experience of life.


Answer the following questions according to how you feel throughout most of your life. 

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Body Type Quiz

Find your Baseline State of Health


Āyurveda is based on the five elements of nature. Those five elements exist around you and within you. Biologically, the elements are organized into doshas and perform all of the functions of the body when healthy. When in a state of excess or deficiency, those doshas create symptoms of disease.


Your body type or constitution is a framework from which you can understand your tendencies towards ill health. It’s also a way of understanding how to build health by looking at your natural strengths and your inherent weaknesses.


While a quiz can reveal great insight into your life, it’s not a substitute for a consultation. Talk to Jennifer to determine if Ayurveda is right for you and if so, what steps would be needed to improve your health.


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