Free (In-Person) 15-Minute Ayurvedic Health Consultation

blue mountain Yoga, Health & Wellness 548 Boynton Drive, Ringgold, GA

[et_pb_fullwidth_header text_orientation="center" content_tablet="" content_phone="When you sign up for a paid plan, you'll receive an Initial Health Assessment. This is a thorough, 55-minute online consultation that considers all of the factors that influence your health. After reviewing your health history, current concerns, diet, daily routine, environment and so much more, we create a step-by-step Āyurvedic Care […]


Ayurveda and Your Body Type

Mune Studio 1555 Battlefield Pkwy, Fort Oglethorpe, GA

Ayurveda, the traditional medical system of India, provides guidance on healthy living throughout every stage of life. Like Chinese Medicine, it’s a holistic system for health and healing, rooted in the basic principles of nature. At this free talk, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of Ayurveda, the Ayurvedic doshas and the body types. You’ll take […]


Perimenopause: 3 Things You May Not Hear From Your Doctor And A Simple Approach to Feel Better Fast


You have more control over your health and wellbeing than you're taught. According to Ayurveda, perimenopause heightens the underlying issues in a woman's body, giving way to a variety of symptoms. Come learn about the Ayurvedic approach to perimenopause and simple ways you can feel better fast. Cost: FREE Join Here:


Whole Foods [North Shore] Grocery Store Tour

Whole Foods Market 301 Manufacturers Rd, Chattanooga, TN

Let's talk food at the grocery store, with Jennifer Maklan, Ayurvedic Practitioner. Get the Ayurvedic perspective on common produce, meats, cheese, dairy, fish, grains and more, as we tour the Whole Foods Market . We'll discuss which foods are healthy for all people (in general), common problem foods which clog the body channels, poor food […]