Shirodhara Therapy for Sleep, Anxiety, Menopause, & More


Shirodhara is a form of Āyurvedic body therapy that involves gently pouring a soothing liquid over the forehead and third eye. Shirodhara has a deeply relaxing and calming effect on the body and mind.


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What is Shirodhara?

In Shirodhara therapy (which means “flowing or pouring over the head”), warm oil or a custom formulation (existing clients only) is poured onto your forehead while you lay with your eyes closed for 48 minutes. The process helps balance your mind and body by improving circulation and gently dilating the sweat glands in your head. Shirodhara uses specializes liquids like herbal-processed oils or milks. It has been shown to help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, manage menpausal syndrome, and improve sleep quality.

What’s Included

All base shirodharas include the following.


Expectations & Instructions

Prepare for your treatment to enhance your experience.

Warm Shirodhara Liquid

Oil for base shirodharas. Custom for existing clients.

48 Minutes of Shirodhara

Receive your shirodhara and relax into bliss.

Post-Treatment Guidelines

Plan for a quiet night in. Leave with head and ears protected.

Base Shirodhara Packages

A series of daily shirodharas is encouraged however packages can be used through the course of one year. If you have health conditions, check the contraindications. Base shirodharas are available to anyone. Become a client for custom shirodharas specific to your health conditions along with recommendations for Ayurvedic therapies, cleanses and formulations. Custom shirodharas use a custom-made shirodhara liquid and include an upcharge.

HSA / FSA payments accepted.

Why Shirodhara?


If you’re looking for a relaxing way to relieve stress and anxiety, shirodhara might be just what you need.

This treatment can help improve memory and concentration by relieving mental fatigue caused by everyday life stressors such as anxiety or depression – making it ideal if you’re trying to improve your daily lives!

How does shirodhara work?

Warm or cool oil (or other liquid) is poured in a continuous stream over the forehead or ‘anja marma’, commonly called the ‘third eye chakra’. This area may be related to the pituitary gland. The pressure of the oil on your forehead creates a vibration and opens the subtle pores and channels in the head. The liquid saturates the hair and scalp creating a calming and soothing experience similar to deep meditation.

What does shirodhara help with?

A base shirodhara using a shirodhara oil may be helpful for anxiety, insomnia, stress, fatigue, relaxation, and irritability. Shirodhara is used also in infertility (to provide deep relaxation and regulate hormone production), menopause (to calm the mind and soothe irritability), hypertension, headache, fear, depression, PTSD, shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), jet lag, and more.

What are the contraindications?

Shirodhara is suitable for all constitutions or prakrtis however there are some contraindications. Shirodhara should not be given to women in their third trimester or pregnancy. In dharas of the entire body (yes, that’s possible!), shirodhara is contraindicated in pregnant women. Other contraindications: brain tumor, recent neck injury, abrasions or cuts on the head or scalp, fever or chills, acute illness, edema, exhaustion, dehydration, non-cooperative individuals like children, nausea, vomiting, severe weakness, exhaustion, dizziness, fainting, spontaneous sweating, rash or sunburn on the forehead or scalp. If you have an aversion to oil shirodhara is contraindicated.

How do I prepare for my shirodhara appointment? Does it affect color-treated hair?

Before your appointment, eat lightly. Shirodhara is not advised on a full stomach.

Keep in mind, you may need additional rest following your shirodhara. Make use of this time to avoid unnecessary stimulation after your treatment. Keep screen use to a minimum when you go home and avoid large gatherings like concerts, restaurants, bars. Instead, make the remainder of your day peaceful. Your hair will be saturated with oil but you will leave with your hair covered and your ears protected. Wear or bring an old shirt – something you don’t mind getting oil on.

Shirodhara has no negative effect on color-treated hair.


If you have questions about shirodhara or the available packages, schedule a free consultation for assistance.


See how Āyurveda can help you.

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What is Āyurveda?

Āyurveda is India's traditional medical system. It is a holistic approach that uses temporary dietary adjustments, lifestyle recommendations, therapeutic treatments and cleanses to restore health. It is also preventative in nature. Health must be cultivated and created each day. Āyurveda offers a wealth of sound knowledge to maintain health throughout every season and every stage of life.

I've tried changing my diet and lifestyle and it didn't work. How is Āyurveda different?

Āyurveda is a complete holistic health system. Āyurvedic herbo-mineral formulations are selected for you based on your state of health. Formulations along with appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle ensure that you get back to your natural state of health. Improved health cannot happen without changing your diet and lifestyle.

Is Āyurveda a licensed profession?

Āyurveda is not a licensed profession in the U.S. That being said, when selecting an Āyurvedic Practitioner, it's important to choose someone that is practicing classical Āyurveda. Classical Āyurveda adheres to the framework as it is taught and practiced in India.

Jennifer Maklan, ĀP, practices classical Āyurveda and has trained in programs that exceed educational standards for Āyurveda in the U.S.

How is Āyurveda practiced online? Isn't pulse assessment needed?

Āyurveda is quite conducive to online practice. In classical Āyurvedic assessment, questioning and visual clues provide a wealth of information. Pulse assessment is actually a somewhat modern addition to classical assessment methods. It is not a necessary component for a quality assessment. 

How is Āyurveda different than other holistic healing methods?

Āyurveda is time-tested. It's speculated to be thousands of years old and probably the oldest health system known to man. Though much has changed, the classical practice of Āyurveda holds to the time-tested methods that existed thousands of years ago.

Unlike other modern approaches to holistic medicine, Āyurveda utilizes a detailed framework for the measurement, assessment and management of health. It is an extensive practice that is studied rigorously and is effective when applied with precision.

Unlike Western approaches to care, Āyurveda is personalized to each individual. Your day, diet, health history and so much more are taken into consideration to create your Care Plan.


What if I don't see results?

Sometimes results can be seen immediately and sometimes results can be subtle but nevertheless impactful.

If you're not seeing results, it's important to speak up. This is helpful information and may indicate that the wrong remedy was selected for you. Don't hesitate to communicate your experience so we can ensure you are on the right track.