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Beyond self-help and prevention...

Over the past 30 years, Ayurveda has been largely modified in the West to suit America’s culture and palate for wellness. The truth is, Ayurveda is an entire holistic medical system, with Ayurvedic hospitals throughout India and specializations in ENT, gynecology, toxicology, and more. It’s important for yoga teachers to understand this distinction (New Age wellness vs. Ayurveda as holistic health care), so you can present Ayurveda accurately to your students and utilize its core concepts of  doshas and body types even more effectively. 

Most importantly, when you’re empowered with an understanding of authentic Ayurveda, your practice and services remain aligned with the ancient sciences.


Here’s What You’ll Learn


How Āyurveda evolved in the 20th century

Gain insight into Āyurveda and India with a bird’s eye view from colonialism into today.

Which common guidelines are misrepresented

Realize the oversimplification of Āyurveda and enhance your knowledge.


The Āyurvedic guidelines for vyayam (exercise)

Beyond asanas, learn how movement and sweating plays an important role in health.

Ways to use core concepts in your practice

Learn how to apply Āyurvedic lifestyle tips to enhance your students’ experiences.

How to use body types, agni types, and dhatu sar

Discover the Āyurvedic methods to know how each student is unique and their unique needs.

Which forms of yoga impact women's health

Yogasanas meets reproductive health, so you can guide women towards wellness.

When and how to use Āyurveda's detox methods

Learn the pitfalls of the ‘kitchari cleanse’ and survey the options for panchakarma cleansing.

How to carry the science of Āyurveda forward

Get clarity on Āyurveda today and discover authentic resources for Āyurveda.

Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Time: 12-1pm ET
Location: Zoom

About Chattanooga Ayurveda

Chattanooga Ayurveda, LLC, provides classical Ayurveda to the Southeastern U.S. and beyond. With in-person and online consultations, classes and events, Chattanooga Ayurveda aims to educate, refine and improve the health, wellbeing and knowledge of all who participate.

Chattanooga Ayurveda, LLC was founded by Jennifer Maklan, Ayurvedic Physician. An avid hatha yogi and meditator, Jennifer was introduced to Ayurveda many moons ago, after graduating college in 1999. She was instantly hooked and began on a path to find, understand and utilize authentic Ayurveda. 

Jennifer developed a directory website for Ayurvedic practitioners in the U.S. in 2012, and in 2017 sold that website to an Ayurveda products company where she became Senior Manager of U.S. Operations. She studied classical Ayurveda at AYU Academy and completed the Svastha Acarya (Teacher of Health) program. She then successfully completed the Samudra Ayurvedic Physicians Program where she studied the Ayurvedic disease paradigms and panchakarma. Jennifer has seen over 200 clients. She maintains a daily yoga and meditation practice since 2006.

“Once I found classical Ayurveda, my health really soared. It made me realize how misguided my understanding of Ayurveda was in my younger days. Ayurveda as it’s practiced in India is now making its way into the U.S. I hope to help others understand just how profound Ayurveda really is, so they don’t have to fumble their way around it like I did,” – Jennifer Maklan, Ayurvedic Physician

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What is Āyurveda?

Āyurveda is India's traditional medical system. It is a holistic approach that uses temporary dietary adjustments, lifestyle recommendations, therapeutic treatments and cleanses to restore health. It is also preventative in nature. Health must be cultivated and created each day. Āyurveda offers a wealth of sound knowledge to maintain health throughout every season and every stage of life.

I've tried changing my diet and lifestyle and it didn't work. How is Āyurveda different?

Āyurveda is a complete holistic health system. Āyurvedic herbo-mineral formulations are selected for you based on your state of health. Formulations along with appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle ensure that you get back to your natural state of health. Improved health cannot happen without changing your diet and lifestyle.

Is Āyurveda a licensed profession?

Āyurveda is not a licensed profession in the U.S. That being said, when selecting an Āyurvedic Practitioner, it's important to choose someone that is practicing classical Āyurveda. Classical Āyurveda adheres to the framework as it is taught and practiced in India.

Jennifer Maklan, ĀP, practices classical Āyurveda and has trained in programs that exceed educational standards for Āyurveda in the U.S.

How is Āyurveda practiced online? Isn't pulse assessment needed?

Āyurveda is quite conducive to online practice. In classical Āyurvedic assessment, questioning and visual clues provide a wealth of information. Pulse assessment is actually a somewhat modern addition to classical assessment methods. It is not a necessary component for a quality assessment. 

How is Āyurveda different than other holistic healing methods?

Āyurveda is time-tested. It's speculated to be thousands of years old and probably the oldest health system known to man. Though much has changed, the classical practice of Āyurveda holds to the time-tested methods that existed thousands of years ago.

Unlike other modern approaches to holistic medicine, Āyurveda utilizes a detailed framework for the measurement, assessment and management of health. It is an extensive practice that is studied rigorously and is effective when applied with precision.

Unlike Western approaches to care, Āyurveda is personalized to each individual. Your day, diet, health history and so much more are taken into consideration to create your Care Plan.


What if I don't see results?

Sometimes results can be seen immediately and sometimes results can be subtle but nevertheless impactful.

If you're not seeing results, it's important to speak up. This is helpful information and may indicate that the wrong remedy was selected for you. Don't hesitate to communicate your experience so we can ensure you are on the right track.